They Don’t Get It, They Don’t Understand

Dont-Lose-hopeParent say they’ve been there, they say they understand,
If only they knew what passes through our hands,

Drugs to inhale and they slowly die,
It takes them away…it makes them high,

Kids drink to wash away their tears,
To run and hide from all their fears,

Parents think they get us…but they don’t have a clue,
They don’t know all the things peer pressure can do,

They don’t know about all the rumors and lies,
They don’t know about how our hope slowly dies,

Parents don’t understand our thoughts and dreams,
All they see are our bad thoughts and endless schemes,

Take the time to get to know and love me,
Cause I look up to you… I do what I see,

I will turn out to be a bad girl lost and needed,
If you’re one of those parents that is conceited,

You say you understand us, you say you get it,
Help me in my choices; show me right from wrong,

But don’t give me the same lame sad song.
You truly don’t understand….

Author: Kristen R. League

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