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Teenagers Behaviour – Teenagers Like Taking Risk

It can be hard being a parent with a teen going through what I term the ‘I’m Invincible’ phase. This is the phase when teens start doing scary and dangerous things (according to us parents) as a way of testing out their physical limits…

This is not surprising given that, at adolescence, teenagers are effectively given a ‘new’ body, one which has many improved features from that of their childhood body. It’s no good as parents thinking we can tell them about the limits of this body; just as a toddler needs to work out for themselves how to balance to walk so a teen needs to work out for themselves how to use their changed body.

Parenting Teenagers

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Parent Stress – Teens Exams is One of Them

Parents today feel that they should be encouraging and helpful in their teenagers to try hard and do well in their exams, or any academic work. The problem is that in trying to achieve this goal, many parents end up causing stress and…
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Parenting Teenagers

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