Growing Up Online

Lost Art of ListeningOne of the most informative and enlightening videos which deals with the positive as well as negative activity on the internet. An excellent video to show young adults with regards to the possible dangers as well.

For parents who wants to learn more relating to the ways that teenagers get involved in and therefore are affected by social media on the web, this video show is surely an eye-opener. A number of interviews are done with parents who had no idea what exactly their children had been involved with right until a crisis happened.

This video is a Frontline series which deals with controversial issues of which this one is no exception. We discovered this to be useful in helping teenage children to appreciate how their generation differs from those without internet. It also gives a wide selection of viewpoints concerning use of the internet, having a focus on social networking. A few of the subjects investigated are online bullying, effects of adapting online identities and personas, susceptibility to sexual predators, concerns of personal privacy and parental censorship, as well as legal consequences regarding sending sexually explicit materials to close friends via the internet (which includes by cellphone). The show is divided into a number of smaller segments that deal with various issues, which makes it easy and simple to focus on one issue at a time for analysis plus discussion in a classroom setting. Its well-documented along with personal interviews with a great deal of factual evidence, improving its worth in recognizing authenticy and accuracy of research.

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