A Teenager Struggle to Overcome Drug Addiction

The first time I used any type of drug or alcohol was when I was fourteen. I did not even know what drugs were. I really did not care. Everybody simply advised me how dangerous they were. My friends stated, “Here, take this. It is pretty cool.” So I took it. Once I started, I needed to be cool. After that, it wasn’t peer stress or pressure anymore. It was simply me.

I began doing drugs and drinking increasingly more and my schoolwork started slipping. My relationships began to decrease. I was losing contact with my family, and I really hated that. My perspective towards issues turned around, you know — just lots of negativity. I additionally began to see my girlfriend less and less.

Right after I started drinking and drugging, I notice and discover some physical issues, too. I felt real tired and totally drained at all times. I additionally lost lots of weight, about thirty pounds in two months.

The other thing was that, when I’m home and run out of toothpaste or one thing like that, and I would cry. I was overreacting big time. My mood change and was actually short.

About a month after my sixteenth birthday, I got caught with drugs in school. They suspended me for a week, and I knew that was the time I wanted to get myself back together. So I attempted to stop, however I couldn’t. It is like when you smoke cigarettes. You may put one down and say you are going to give up, you’re going to give up and totally quit, but it’s actual hard to stop.

So I stopped hanging around to my old bad influence friends and began going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and I obtained a sponsor. AA is a life long thing. You take one drink and it messes up every little thing you had built up to that point. Lots of my friends who came to AA have relapsed. But my sponsor really helped me out to hold on. Without this program, I do know I would not have stopped.

Since I have been in this program, it has been the best time of my life. I don’t drink anymore. I do not take drugs. My schoolwork is back on track. My family is closer than ever now. Before, I worked at nearly each fast-food stores on the town because I would quit within two weeks at each one. Now, I’ve had only one job for about two months now. I came back to school and I started to care. I am now nice to people even when they weren’t nice to me. I’ve completely changed my life around. I’m beginning to think about college and doing all these items I would never consider before. It’s actual complicated to me why anyone would spend their highschool years drinking and using drugs. It is a scary life.

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